What is Fuse?

Fuse is a joint collaboration between financial and risk management specialists in the field of Law Practices to deliver a discreet business brokerage service.

Fuse brings together key individuals who wish to buy, sell or merge their practices, ensuring complete discretion and delivering a complete service from initiation through to completion.

How does Fuse work?

Collectively we are building a significant portfolio of practices who wish to acquire, merge, sell out or just stay ahead of the game.

We have a thorough understanding of the strategic objectives of the practices we have in our portfolio so are able to identify which of those may wish to do business with you.

Confidentiality is at the centre of our service. No privileged information is divulged to any third party without your express permission and all relationships are covered by confidentiality agreements.

We are not a matching database. All of our clients are in the correct strategic position to do business now or working towards it within a specific timeframe, often with our assistance.

Please contact us for more details.